The Jacqueline Smith Review

August 30, 2012

Have you met Jacqueline Smith?


Jacqueline’s Southern Hospitality, truly comes through in our ticket sales department.

She adds a personal touch to 34 West Dinner Theater reservations, seating and more.

Jacqueline shares her thoughts on ” Overboard.”

34west’s latest production is Overboard, and the next run is on September 19, 20, 21, all matinees, with September 21 being the evening show as well.

Overboard first played in July to rave reviews:

  • One theater patron came to see it and enjoyed it so much that she called to book a table of 10 to bring back her family.
  • One of our senior church groups have already booked their seats for Christmas.  The group leader Pat told me that she and her group went to lunch the following week after seeing Overboard and she and her friends were still laughing about it.  She couldn’t say enough good things about this production.

If you’ve seen Steve and Jeff in any of our productions, then you know how they can bring some of our favorite Bible stories to life and Overboard is no exception.  If you haven’t, then it’s time you did.  You know of course that Stephen Wayne brings humor to whatever he writes.  Should we laugh about those Bible stories?  Well, God gave us a sense of humor and I’m sure he laughs often when he looks down at us…

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