The Color of A Rose

February 7, 2012

Floral Valentine

Floral Valentine arrangement

According to the Professional Floral Designers in America the colors of roses mean different things.   Here are the most popular:

  •  Red

True Love and Commitment, Also Heart Disease Awareness.

  • Yellow
Friendship, Joy, Celebration, Peace
  • Pink
Affection,  Desire, Admiration, Breast Cancer Awareness
  • White
Purity, New Life together, Tribute, Memorial, Remembrance, Honor
and Respect
  • Orange
Life, Celebration,  Excitement
  • Lavender
Alluring, Demure,  Love at first sight
A fun way to look at Valentine Roses!

Did you know ….
Roses are grown primarily in South America,  picked and shipped to the US about 10 – 12 days prior to arriving at the markets in Miami Florida.  Once they are received at our local supplier, they are cut and hydrated to last another 2 weeks. When your roses are delivered you should have at least a week of enjoyment.

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jenny says on February 11, 2012 at 12:00 am

Order a special rose for a special someone today . Deliveries will be made Monday and Tuesday from 9 am - 4 pm for Valentiene's Day <3