Gluten Free Goodness

March 2, 2012

Rich Chocolate GF Brownies

I am switching to a gluten free eating style. I just feel better when I eat this way.

What a delight, to find everything I needed to make the recipe, for a master gluten free baking mix, right here at the Dutch Cupboard. I trust the fresh wholesome ingredients I find when shopping here.

friendly service

I decided to make my own baking mix after learning of the very high sodium content in the packaged mix I had bought at the health food store.

I want know what the ingredients are, in my food.

I found recipes and a master baking mix on a blog site called The Ginger Lemon Girl I tried rich cream cheese brownies pictured above, my friends and I loved them. The recipe> Rich chocolate Brownies. <

Don’t you just love these girls, they are so friendly and helpful!

Blog author, Sherri