Derby Hats

April 20, 2012

This Derby Day, come to The Dutch Tulip 

….for an  individually decorated Hat.


We traditionally associate fancifully decorated hats with the Kentucky Derby, and they are often just as fun as the race itself.

Here is a bit of “Derby” hat trivia:

  • The “Derby” Date this year is May 5th, 2012.
  • The first running of the Derby was in 1875.
  • Horses must be three-year-old Thoroughbreds to run in the race.
  • In 1976, John Wayne was the Grand Marshal of the Pegasus Parade, one of the many events held before the actual race.  His all-American persona made him the natural choice for America’s bicentennial year.

 If you don’t plan on attending the Derby this year, there are plenty of other things you could do with your decorated hat:

  • Use it as a door decoration.
  • Host an at home “Derby” event with friends and wear decorated hats.

If you already own a hat, bring it in to The Tulip  and we can redecorate it for you.