Hot Rod arrives just “Inn” time for “Doo Wops”

May 11, 2012


This is how one couple came to see the “Doo Wops and Beauty Shops Production”.

Doo-Wops and Beauty Shops is our current show and is now one of my favorites.

It is filled with fifties music and it is hilarious!!
All of the shows but one are now sold out. If you would care to dress like the fifties, what fun would that be.  Some of our patrons have done just that and we’ve enjoyed seeing that look again.

So, Guys, slick back your hair, roll up those white t-shirts and jeans and you have the look going.   The ladies as  don’t have to dress in a poodle skirt, there were other looks too, such as the dressy look or capris, shirts and a neck scarf.

There is no obligation, of course, but  book those seats because this is a wonderful production performed by 34west Theater Company. This is the last run of Doo-Wops and Beauty Shops, so call today…..Jacqueline Smith–330-482-5050–Ext. 310