Visiting Shaker Woods? … Stop by Das Dutch Village!

August 19, 2012

Have you visited Das Dutch Village?

Das Dutch Village Restaurant, Inn and Shops are just a short drive from the Shaker Woods Festival grounds.

Would you like to sit and enjoy a relaxing meal at Das Dutch Haus Restaurant with your friends or family?

das-pie-coffee Pumpkin Pies are a popular “holiday” or an “any day” treat, choose from a “Dutch” topped pumpkin pie, or the traditional pumpkin pie style.

For Menu, (click here)

Das Dutch Haus Restaurant is a favorite spot to dine, and popular place to shop.

das-shoes These shoes are among the popular items and gifts here at Das Dutch Haus Gift  Shop,           I am told, that one customer likes them better than her $300.00 Orthotics.

das-giftpicShopping for that  “special” someone? This is a favorite picture that can be found  Das Dutch Haus Gift Shop.

What adorable cakes! I think this ant wants to come to a party.

 Bakery orders can be placed at  Das Dutch Haus Bakery “counter” or call : 330-482-2236.


Das Dutch Cupboard is a bulk foods store.

Popular bulk items: dc-bulk-candy candies, tempting chocolates, chocolates making supplies, 

dc-choc-bulk specialty baking items, fresh spices, kitchen gadgets, and local fresh deli items. We hope you will stop to see us!


Das Dutch Book Shop is loaded with gifts for all ages, books, (including Amish cookbooks) greeting cards, and games.

das-bk-blitz Generations of Pennsylvania Dutch families, play the game of Dutch Blitz. No “bidding or gambling here, these cards are “safe” to play with.

das-night-liteLight up the night with this  “pumpkin night light”.

heart-of-c-believe-bbbThings you might find at Heart of the Country Gift Shop: Primitive, and contemporary items, Amish made furniture, crafts, collectables, purses and more.

Loose potpourri blends are available at Heart of the Country.


At the Heart of the Country you can choose a favorite blend and measure out exactly what you want.


Don’t forget to visit Das Dutch Village Inn, spend the night with us,

or stop in to satisfy that craving for a Starbucks Coffee drink.

Relax with your favorite beverage by the fire.“Proudly Brewing Starbucks” Coffee Shop, kiosk

located in the lobby of  Das Dutch Village Inn.

Notes about Das Dutch Village family run businesses:

 Closed for business on SundaysDas Dutch Haus Restauraunt, Das Dutch Cupboard, Das Book Shop, and other “village” shops.

 Open for Business on Sundays:  Das Dutch Village Inn; including the Banquet and Meeting Rooms,  Starbucks Coffee Shop (The Coffee shop is open until 2pm. on Sundays).