Take me out, …… it’ll be our secret.

September 10, 2012

Do you want to take out a fresh wholesome meal from Das Dutch Haus?

Choose from a variety of foods that are available on a first come basis.

These foods are made fresh daily. take-me-out-4

6 soups you may find in our “Take out Cooler”:

  • Vegetable beef,
  • Chicken Noodle,
  • Potato,
  • Bean & Ham,
  • Chili, and
  • Chicken Rivel

  Our soups are made fresh daily, so you don’t have to.

Check out family favorites to heat and eat:


  The variety may change, due to seasonal availability, demand, and because it’s made fresh daily.

  •  Beef and noodles,
  •  Chicken and noodles,
  •  Mashed potatoes,
  •  Stuffing,
  •  Roast Turkey,
  •  Chicken Gravy,
  •  Pot pies,
  •  Ham Loaf,
  •  Stuffed Peppers,
  •  Macaroni and Cheese,
  •  Swiss steak,
  •  Beef Gravy.


Picnic or party food:

  • Sloppy Joes,
  • Baked Beans,
  • Potato salad,
  • Coleslaw,
  • Corn meal mush,
  • Fresh Fruit,
  • Apple salad,
  • Three Bean Salad,
  • Tapioca pudding,
  • Rice Pudding.




                 Did you say pie?           take-me-out-soup6

Choose from 40-50 different kinds, oh my pie!

Pick me up, and take me out… the foods you love.

Location: Das Dutch Haus Restaraunt and Bakery.

Call ahead: 330-482-2236, before it’s gone.



Yes, there is still more…  now there is cheesecake!                                                        take-me-out-3