Meet our guest who can “Thank His Lucky Scars”

October 21, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy, and consider it a privilege, to meet people who have triumphed over adversity, and I love to read their true stories.

I met Ward while working at the front desk of the Das Dutch Village Inn.

Ward stayed at Das Dutch Village Inn while doing speaking engagements in the area.


Have you ever met someone who can say,

“The scars are what made me who I am,”

and,” I thank my lucky scars?”

Ward has written two books, the most recent book is titled ” Thank My Lucky Scars.”

He survived a string of freak accidents as well as a rocky birth.

” My Mother always told me that my condition did not affect my smiley muscles, don’t let them affect yours.”

Ward Foley ” Scarman”


” We all have scars. Some we can see and some we can’t. Every scar on Scarman is real and each scar has a story behind it.

We can grow from our scars, from our struggles, and from our failures. Scarman celebrates that growth while helping us accept and love everything about ourselves.” Ward Foley ” Scarman”

During his stay in Columbiana I asked if  Ward would meet some friends, that I consider super heroes.


Above Photo:Patty Chamberlain with her children Sophia and Matthew, and Ward Foley at Firestone Park.

My friend Patty and her husband Ian have adopted some amazing children. 

This is what the Governor of Kansas has to say;

Ward Foley deserves the highest commendation for his leadership role in his work with hospice and his for so many people around the country who struggles with illness, disability, other life challenges. His work is critical contribution to this community.”       Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas

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