Building the Inn

Established in 2001, Das Dutch Village Inn is the youngest of the Das Dutch Village business family; a family that consists of five shops, a restaurant known for its hearty Pennsylvania Dutch inspired meals and our 51-room colonial boutique Inn.

DVI 2nd floor lobby

There are many comfortable and spacious lobbies and hallways at the inn

When land adjacent to the restaurant and shops became available in the late 1990s, the Witmer and Horst families purchased it to realize their collective dream of building an inn. “We had been throwing ideas around a while, then we had this opportunity to start the project,” said COO Grace Witmer Styer.

Spacious hallways, fireside sitting areas on each level and two sinks in every guest room are a few design aspects influenced by family. Styer reflects on traveling as a child with her eight siblings and parents, saying, “If we were at a hotel, there was often no place for us to be together as a family.”

The Inn was designed to be a home for all of its guests. “A place for families, friends, sports teams and visitors to be well cared for and gather together.”

The Owners

Twelve members of the Witmer and Horst families own the Inn:
President Ralph and Doris Witmer- Partners in Das Dutch Haus Restaurant
Vice President Raymond and Ruth Anne Horst- Partners in Das Dutch Haus Restaurant
Secretary/Treasurer and COO Grace and Alan Styer
Dave and Deb Horst
Nelson and Kris Witmer
Dennis and Sherry Horst

Every Sunday you can find President Ralph Witmer winding the grandfather clock in the main lobby just like you might find your father or grandfather in his living room.

“Family run” truly applies to the Inn. The owners created a work environment that welcomes everyone’s families— guests and employees alike. You can find siblings, cousins and multiple generations of families working at the Inn; that’s what makes it like home, that’s what builds the loyal and committed atmosphere that you’ll find at this boutique Inn.

All of the owners come from a Mennonite background, which inspires the hand built country style that enables guests to explore the local feel of Columbiana without sacrificing the luxury hotel experience.

Mission Statement

Vision: A country inn and banquet center destination with the local charm and hospitality of a simpler world.

Mission: To provide a luxury hotel experience with local country charm of Columbiana, Ohio.To create, through individual attention and distinctive country design, an intimate destination for travelers, vacationers and getaway seekers to be well cared for.

Values: Das Dutch Village Inn as the steward of hospitality in Columbiana, Ohio, strives to provide the following for our employees, guests, customers and community:

Serve each individual with the attention given to family
Listen to and address concerns, comments and compliments of our customers
Always make the extra effort to improve our products and services
Create a caring environment where loyalty and pride will thrive